Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Information for first time students

Formal requirements

Requirements for a bachelor / diploma course in the field of mechanical and process engineering are

  •     a university entrance qualification (HZB)
  •         German HZB must be submitted at the latest when enrolling, foreign HZB must already be available when applying,
  •     German language skills (for applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification): at least level B1     at     the time of application (proof not older than one year),
  •         Level DSH-2 at the beginning of the course.

If your knowledge of German is not yet sufficient for the DSH exam, you can attend a DSH preparatory course at TU Kaiserslautern as a matriculated student. You can find more information on the VKB website.

Further information and links to the various application platforms can be found on the student administration website.

Bachelor or Diploma?

This is one of the most common questions that we are asked in counseling interviews before starting our studies. So here are the differences:

The diploma course has a standard duration of 10 semesters (4 semesters pre-diploma, 6 semesters main diploma). The decision for one of the three fields of study, mechanical engineering, process engineering or mechatronics, is made at the beginning of the main diploma.

The bachelor's programs in mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering with business administration, energy and process engineering and bio- and chemical engineering have a standard period of study of 7 semesters and can be supplemented by master's programs. The decision whether to go in the mechanical engineering direction or in the procedural direction must be made at the time of application.

The first 4 semesters of the mechanical engineering and process engineering diploma course, as well as the mechanical engineering and mechanical engineering bachelor’s courses with business administration hardly differ. Here, a change is possible without major problems.

If there is a change of university at some point, this is certainly a little less complicated with the bachelor's degree programs designed after the Bologna reform.


BCI oder EVT?

The process-oriented bachelor's degree courses in Energy and Process Engineering (EVT) and Bio- and Chemical Engineering (BCI) are both courses with a focus on engineering. While EVT is still relatively close to the mechanical engineering Bachelor in terms of structure and module selection, BCI contains significantly more modules from the chemistry department and another block from the biology department. BCI is therefore an interdisciplinary course. With significantly less industrial internship and therefore teamwork, research work and a larger elective area, BCI also differs structurally from the department's other bachelor courses. You can find more information on our flyer.

How much business administration do you want?

Mechanical engineering, mechanical engineering with business administration, industrial engineering or business administration with technical qualifications? In order to make the selection easier, the departments of Mechanical and Process Engineering and Economics have designed a flyer that compares the different courses.

KLOOC Mechanical and Process Engineering

For everyone who wants to know what to expect in a degree in mechanical engineering and process engineering, the department has made a contribution within the KLOOCs (Kaiserslauterer Open Online Course) (Kaiserslautern Open Online Course) as part of the orientation study program TUK-Zero. The course offers an insight into the courses offered, information about job prospects and an overview of the chairs connected to the department. Registration is free and open to everyone.




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