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  • Written exams in the summer semester 2020/21:

    Werkstoffkunde I für HörerInnen anderer Fachrichtungen: Thursday, August 19th, 9.00 a.m. to 10.30 a.m. Audimax 42-115

    Werkstoffkunde II für HörerInnen anderer Fachrichtungen: Thursday, August 19th, 11.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., Audimax 42-115

    Schadenskunde: Tuesday, August 31th, 2 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Building 46-210

  • Publications in May 2021:

    S. Kieren-Ehses, L Böhme, L. Morales-Rivas, J. Lösch, B. Kirsch, E. Kerscher, M. Kopnarski, J. C. Aurich:
    The influence of the crystallographic orientation when micro machining commercially pure titanium: a size effect 
    In: Precision Engineering 2021.

  • Matthias Uhrig obtained his doctorate on December 18, 2020 with the topic „ Modellbildung und Entwicklung experimenteller Methoden zur Vorhersage des Auftretens von Kavitationserosion bei metallischen Werkstoffen “.
  • Special Issue announcement: "Advanced High-Strength Bainitic Steels", Metals MDPI
    Guest editor: Lucia Morales-Rivas
    Find more details here
    Looking Forward to your contributions!
  • Publications in November 2020:

    J.P. Sippel, E. Kerscher:
    Properties of the Fine Granular Area and Postulated Models for Its Formation during Very High Cycle Fatigue – A Review 
    In: Applied Sciences 2020, 10, 8475.

    L. Morales-Rivas, F. Ram, D. Spriestersbach, J.P. Sippel, M. D. Graef, E. Kerscher:
    Fine granular area linked to very high cycle fatigue in martensitic and bainitic steels: Characterization by means of EBSD-dictionary indexing 
    In: Scripta Materialia 2020, 194, 113644.

  • Stefan Averbeck has obtained his doctorate on June 29, 2020 with the topic „Simulation der Entstehung von White Etching Cracks durch zyklische Druck-Torsions-Versuche“.
  • Marcel Angst has obtained his doctorate on June 25, 2020 with the topic „Auftretenshäufigkeit nichtmetallischer Einschlüsse in Stählen“.

  • Publications in June, 2020:

    S. Averbeck, D. Spriestersbach, E. Kerscher:
    Mechanism of fine granular area and white etching crack formation in AISI 52100 bearing steel. 
    In: Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 108 (2020) 102664.

  • Student research projects (follow this Link for more information)
  • Daniel Spriestersbach has obtained his doctorate on October 28, 2019 with the topic „VHCF-Verhalten des hochfesten Stahls 100Cr6: Rissinitiierungsmechanismen und Schwellenwerte“.
  • AWP is hosting during the winter semester 2019-2020 María Guadalupe Gómez, a visiting student of Industrial Engineering at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Santa Fe, Argentina (UTN – FRSF). Guadalupe is currently performing her final undergraduate thesis for the company Metalurgica Galcom, a steelmaker which manufactures truck turntables and other bearing components. The project deals with the evaluation of a reengineering process in the company in terms of energy costs and product quality.
  • Werkstoffwoche 2019 and the 53. Metallographie-Tagung in Dresden, Germany  
    The AWP was almost completely represented at the Werkstoffwoche 2019 and the parallel 53rd Metallographie-Tagung. We have presented two posters "M. Burmeister, E. Kerscher: Einfluss von überlagertem Ultraschall auf das Verfestigungsverhalten von Metallen im quasistatischen Druckversuch" and "L. Böhme, A. Hebestreit, S. Kieren-Ehses, M. Bohley, B. Kirsch, J.C. Aurich, E. Kerscher: Präparation dünner Stege zur Bestimmung der kristallographischen Orientierung und deren Einfluss bei der Zerspanung von Reintitan auf der Mikroskala". Together with Sonja Kieren-Ehses from the FBK, Luisa Böhme gave a lecture on the topic "Influence of micro-milled structures on the fatigue properties of pure titanium". Jan Patrick Sippel presented his research topic carried out together with the group of Dr.-Ing. K.-H. Lang at the IAM-WK at the KIT: "Steigerung der Ermüdungsfestigkeit bei HCF- und VHCF-Beanspruchung durch eine thermomechanische Behandlung im Temperaturbereich der maximalen dynamischen Reckalterung". Eberhard Kerscher presented the Collaborative Research Center 926 in a lecture entitled: " Bauteiloberflächen – Morphologie auf der Mikroskala".
  • Our former DAAD guest student at AWP, Adriana Eres Castellanos, has won the first prize of the 2019 FEMS Master Thesis Award Competition bestowed by the Federation of European Materials Societies, for her work entitled: “Effect of ausforming on the bainitic transformation in medium carbon steels”. Adriana Eres Castellanos was advised by Lucia Morales-Rivas on the crystallographic approach to the mentioned topic during her stay at TU-Kaiserslautern between February and April 2019, holding a research short-stay DAAD grant.
  • Information about exam Werkstoffkunde I/II f.H.a.F. (15.08.2019) only available on the German webpage!
  • Student research projects (follow this Link for more information)
  • Luisa Böhme achieves 2nd place at the 12th conference "Gefüge und Bruch" (Bochum, Germany, February 14-15, 2019) with her poster "Mechanische Eigenschaften mikrostrukturierter Ti-Miniaturproben unter zyklischer Belastung" within the collaborative research center 926.
  • Publications in September 2018:

    L. Böhme, L. Morales-Rivas, S. Diederichs, E. Kerscher:
    Crystal c-axis mapping of hcp metals by conventional reflected Polarized Light Microscopy: Application to untextured and textured cp-Titanium. 
    In: Materials Characterization 145 (2018) 573-581.

    L. Morales-Rivas, S. Diederichs, L. Böhme, E. Gordo, A. Hebestreit, E. Kerscher:
    Method for the detection of grain boundaries in alpha Ti-based alloysby means of polarized light microscopy and image processing in MATLAB. 
    In:  Practical Metallography, 55 (2018) 10, 678-692.

  • Publications in May 2018:

    Eberhard Kerscher, Tilmann Beck, Volker Schulze, Detlef Löhe:
    Otmar Vöhringer on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
    In: International Journal of Materials Research 109 (2018) 5, 477-478.

  • Publications in March 2018:

    Martin Bohley, Ingo G. Reichenbach, Sonja Kieren-EhsesLukas Heberger , Peter A. Arrabiyeh, Rolf Merz, Luisa Böhme, Julian Hering, Benjamin Kirsch, Michael Kopnarski, Eberhard Kerscher, Georg von Freymann, Jan C. Aurich:
    Coating of Ultra-Small Micro End Mills: Analysis of Performance and Suitability of Eight Different Hard-Coatings
    In: Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing (2018) 2, 22. 


Lucía Morales Rivas, post-doctoral researcher at AWP, has been bestowed with the Outstanding Thesis Award in the field of Materials Science and Engineering by the academic community at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), a recognition for the high quality of original works of research based on their scientific and technological contributions to the stock of knowledge in their area. More information can be found under the following link. Publications in January 2018:

D. Grell, F. Dabrock, E. Kerscher:
Cyclic cryogenic pre-treatments influencing the mechanical properties of a bulk glassy Zr-based alloy
In: Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures (2018)


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