Lehrstuhl für Technische Mechanik (LTM)


   → Dr.-Ing. Oliver Goy Point defects in piezoelectric materials - continuum mechanical modeling and numerical simulation, November 2010

   → Dr.-Ing. Sarah Ricker:
        Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation in Configurational Mechanics, Mai 2011

   → Dr.-Ing. David Schrade:
        Microstructural modeling of ferroelectric material behavior, Juni 2011

   → Dr.-Ing Sigrid Leyendecker:
        On optimal control simulation for mechanical system, Januar 2011

   Dr.-Ing. Sven Hoffmann:
        Computational Homogenization of Short Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Materials, April 2012

   → Dr.-Ing. Charlotte Kuhn:
        Numerical and Analytical Investigation of a Phase Field Model for Fracture, Mai 2013

   → Dr.-Ing. Clement Zemerli:
        Continuum Mechanical Modeling of Dry Granular Systems, Dezember 2013

   → Dr.-Ing. Tobias Zangmeister:
        On the XFEM for the elasto-plastic deformation of heterogeneous materials

   → Dr.-Ing. Johannes Spahn:
        An Efficient Multiscale Method for Modeling Progressive Damage in Composite Materials

   → Dr.-Ing. Md. Khalaquzzaman:
        Computational Homogenization of Piezoelectric Materials using FE^2 Methods and Configurational Forces

   → Dr.-Ing. Carolin Plate:
       Fracture Mechanical Analysis of Failure Processes in Antarctic Ice Shelves, Oktober 2015  

   → Dr.-Ing. Regina Müller:
        A Phase Field Model for the Evolution of Martensite Microstructures in Metastable Austenites, Juli 2016

   → Dr.-Ing. Markus Klassen:
        Numerical Modeling for the Static and Dynamic Analysis of Nearly Incompressible Dielectric Elastomers,
        Oktober 2016

   → Dr.-Ing. Julia Christmann:
        Viscoelastic Modeling of Calving Processes at Antarctic Ice Shelves, Juni 2017

   → Dr.-Ing. Tobias Hofmann:
        Phase-Field Methods for Deformation Processes in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Januar 2018

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