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Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology

The lecture "Principles of Commercial Vehicle Technology" is offered in English and mainly addresses the students of Mechanical Engineering, specialization "Automotive Engineering", as well as the students of the international Master program "Commercial Vehicle Technology".

It imparts knowledge on and the general requirements as well as the state-of-the-art technology of modern commercial vehicles. The lecture enables the students to cope with the most established methods of vehicle evaluation according to power demand, load and payload distribution and steering characteristics. They get an overview on the general design philosophies of commercial vehicles with special focus on chassis and vehicle body.


  • Introduction, state of the art, classification of Commercial Vehicles

  • Driving Resistance and Power Requirement

  • Mechanics and Dynamics of Driving

  • Concepts of Commercial Vehicles

  • Running gears of Commercial Vehicles

  • Structures and Car bodies

  • Special Commercial Vehicles

regular cycle:winter semester
duration:1 semester
forms of teaching:2L, 2E
exam:oral or written



Dipl.-Ing. Florian Schneider

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Teutsch

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e-mail: teutsch(at)mv.uni-kl.de

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