Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

PhyBaLCHT - Short-time procedures for determining the fatigue properties of steel

Short time procedures to characterize the fatigue properties of metallic materials are of great interest to science and industry. Such procedures help to calculate the fatigue properties of metals rapidly and precisely, and therefore significantly reduce experiment time and costs. The short time procedure PhyBaLCHT establishes that for each cycle of a cyclic indentation test, we can measure the plastic indentation depth amplitude ha,p and so determine the resulting ha,p—N curves. With the ha,p—N curves we can determine the materials’ cyclic properties, e.g. the cyclic hardening potentialCHT (eII). In the project we compared the cyclic properties determined by PhyBaLCHT to the fatigue properties resulting from conventional fatigue tests under cyclic compressive stresses. We found that the ha,p—N curves of the cyclic indentation tests correlated to cyclic deformation curves of fatigue tests under uniaxial cyclic compressive stresses, and could therefore be used to determine the cyclic properties of materials.


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