Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Information for prospective students & applicants

As one of the largest departments of the TU, we offer graduates as well as students, who already have a degree, a variety of courses.

Our final training goal is the Diplom or Master's degree. Therefore, each undergraduate course of our department has an appropriate Master's course available !!

We offer school graduates so-called undergraduate courses in the Bachelor program (7 semesters) as well as in the Diploma program (10 semesters). To specialize and deepen the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor's program, we offer various 3-semester Master's programs. In the Diplom program, this specialization is included in the higher semesters.

Basically, our courses are scientifically oriented, the focus is on teaching basic and methodical knowledge. Application, industry and practical knowledge is offered through laboratories, internships, industry lectures, excursions and similar.

In addition, by completing  stays abroad, internships and jobs there is the opportunity to design your studies individually and to acquire additional skills.

General information about the undergraduate programs as well as tips on applying can be found on the following pages Infos für Erststudierende and  Allgemeine Hinweise und Empfehlungen. Potential students  interested in attending a master's degree program will receive further information on the application process on this page Hinweise für Masterbewerber/innen



Information for prospective students and applicants

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