Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Representative for equal opportunity and family affairs


M.Sc. Katja Groß (Workgroup Materials and Surface Technologies) and Dipl.-Ing. Isabell Behrendt  (Workgroup Micro Fluid Mechanics)are both research assistants and also hold the function of Equal Opportunity Representatives at the Department for Mechanical and Process Engineering.

They obey an advisory function towards the FB MV when it comes to promotion of women (e.g. in appeal procedures). Katja Groß and Isabell Behrendt are also contact persons for  any matters that concern equal opportunity and work and family compatibility for students and research assistants.

The call for more women in scientific teams is getting bigger and bigger from society as well as investors. It is important to promote qualified women at an early stage and win them for the TU Kaiserslautern. To motivate women to choose an academic career and thereby raise the number of female professors longterm is one of the main goals. Katja Groß and Isabell Behrendt help the Department with their important work to strengthen competitiveness and sustainability. 




M. Sc. Katja Groß
Workgroup Materials and Surface Technologies
Building 58/ Room 470
Email: katja.gross[at]


Dipl.-Ing. Isabell Behrendt
Workgroup Micro Fluid Dynamics
Building 49/ Room 311

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