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About the Department

The Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering has a distinguished history. Emerging in 1975 from what was originally the Technology Department, the Mechanical Engineering Department became a self-standing entity. In 1997, it was renamed as the Mechanical and Process Engineering Department in order to appropriately recognize the process engineering subjects which have always played an integral role in the program.

The department is currently staffed by 18 professors and seven assistant professors together with their working groups. The total number of research positions is about 200, with another 40 in the non-academic areas. The number of students currently enrolled in the department is approximately 1,800.

In addition to being organized in individual subject areas, there are other departmental or cross-disciplinary organizational structures that are specific to certain common topics.

The main decision-making body in the department is the faculty council, which is composed of nine professors, three research assistants, a member of the non-scientific staff, and four students.