Institute for measurement and sensor technology

Measurement and Control Theory


Measurement Theory

  • Measurement chain, characteristic measurement chain, dynamical properties of measuring chain elements
  • measurement bridges, measurement amplifiers
  • electromagnetic compatibility
  • measurement data filtering
  • operational amplifier, AD converter
  • signal analysis with time-discrete Fouriertransformation
  • statistics of measured values

Control Theory

  • Modeling of technical system, description of linear systems in time and frequency domain
  • standard control circuit, transfer elements
  • stability analysis (root locus, Nyquist)
  • digital control



The lecture will take place online. Please book all appointments of the lecture in KIS-Office. We will then send you the OLAT code on 21.10.2020.

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Seewig
Tutor: Lukas Müller



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