Chair of Applied Mechanics

Excellence in Teaching

Pilot Project Tutoring Program Technical Mechanics

Chair of Engineering Mechanics
Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering

Preliminary note

Engineering Mechanics
  • Fundamentals of engineering, technology, basic understanding of physics
  • Part of many courses of study (MB,BI,WI,ET,Mathematics,Computer Science)
  • Teaching method
    • TM 1-3: 3V+1C+voluntary tutorial
    • TM 4: 2V+1N+voluntary tutorial
    • ETM 1-2: 2V+1T+voluntary tutorial
    • TM 1a: 3V+1Ü+voluntary tutorial  

Identified problems

Problems identified by the chair
  • TM1 sets the basics (cutting principle, internal forces) for TM2-4
  • Without sound knowledge of TM1, often delaying studies
  • Many examination regulations → difficult examination organisation and advice for students
  • Conversion to university-based learning
  • Crowded rooms
  • Groups in tutorials too large
Problems identified by students

different quality of the tutorials

  • 45min → 60-90min Tutorials
  • more support through tutorials for independent work; but importance of independent work recognized broad categories
  • often overcrowded rooms

Ideas and measures

TM1 identified as important basis
  • special funding, measures in TN1 to inform students about performance statusIntervention in learning behaviour before the first exam

          → voluntary online test (middle of the semester)

  • Result of the online test

          → Evaluation online test vs. exam

further actions
  • Internet forum Questions about organization, tasks and content
  • HIWI coaching
  • HIWI consultation hours
  • Collection of tasks on the Internet for self-study and exam preparation
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