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Nonelinear Finite Elementes

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Building on the lecture `Finite Elements', the lecture `Nonlinear Finite Elements' will deal with nonlinear methods. First, the basics of nonlinear elasticity theory are considered. Central terms such as linearization, finite element discretization, geometric and material part of the tangential stiffness matrix at large deformations and the iterative solution within the Newton-Raphson method are discussed. Analogous to the lecture `Finite Elements' the numerical conversion is to take place within the framework of MATLAB. After the consideration of one-dimensional member elements, the method is generalized to continuum elements within the framework of nonlinear elasticity theory. The aim is to extend the isoparametric triangular and quadrilateral elements previously introduced and implemented in the lecture `Finite Elements' within the framework of linear theory to nonlinear theory.


  •     Basic Lectures in Technical Mechanics
  •     Lecture Finite Elements
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