Chair of Applied Structural Mechanics

Analysis and modeling of microscale surface structuring during lapping

Lapping is one of the manufacturing processes involving machining with a geometrically indeterminate cutting edge and loose grains bonded in a lapping mixture. This lapping mixture is introduced into the gap between the workpiece and the dics which move relative to each other. The workpiece surface is machined by the non-directional movement of the lapping grains, which alternates between rolling and sliding. However, the complex processes in contact and the relationship between the process parameters and the movement of the lapping grains are not yet sufficiently understood. Fundamental numerical and experimental investigations should lead to a deeper understanding of particle kinematics and contact processes.

Within the framework of this research project, a FEM simulation of the material removal as a partial simulation of the lapping process will be performed at the Institute of Applied Structural Mechanics. Parallel to this, DEM simulations will be developed to investigate the motion behavior of the loose lapping grains and CFD simulations will be developed to describe the flow behavior of the lapping fluid.

Finally, all above mentioned simulations will be coupled to the lapping process model. All basic models and the lapping process model will be validated by experiments. The validated lapping process model will be used to predict the surface quality of the lapped workpiece for selected process parameters. The variable parameters are among others: the relative speed between tool and workpiece, the viscosity of the lapping liquid, the duration of the lapping process, and the number, size and geometry of the lapping grains.

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Funded by the DFG within the framework of the SFB926

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