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method: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM); build volume: 203 x 203 x 305 mm; two nozzles technology; model material ABSplus, support material soluble; layer thickness: 0.178 mm or 0.254 mm; special features: closed and heated build volume, model and build material in closed cartridges

Process: Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM); Build volume 197 x 215 x 200 mm; Two nozzles technology; Model material PLA and support material PVA soluble; Layer thickness: 0.02 to 0.2 μm; Special features: Connection of the device to the network through WiFi, LAN, and NFC. Monitoring the printing process with an integrated camera.

Druckverfahren: pulverbettbasiertes Schmelzen mittels Laserstrahl (PBF-LB); Bauvolumen 250x250x325 mm (Höhe inkl. Bauplattform); Laser: Yb-Faserlaser, Leistung 900 W; Werkstoff: zur Zeit Ti6Al4V; Scangeschwindigkeit: bis zu 7 m/s; Scanner: Big-Spot Technologie, variabler Laserspotdurchmesser im Bereich 90-1000 µm.

Process: (High-speed) Laser Directed Energy Deposition; build volume: ø 700 mm x 500 mm; laser: 8 kW high-power laser with high beam quality (6 mm·mrad); feed rates up to 200 m/min; materials: all standard metal powders can be used for additive manufacturing.

method: Selective Laser Melting (SLM); build volume: 275 x 275 x 420 mm; type of laser: fiber laser; laser power: 500 W; material: 316L, AlSi10Mg; layer thickness: min. 2 µm, default configuration: 30 µm, 60 µm

Cross guide rollers; resolution of the linear axes: 100 nm; Air bearings main spindle; resolution: 0.1 mrad (0°0`20.41``); path measuring system with a resolution of 500 nm; ball- and air bearings HF-grinding spindleSurface and external cylindrical grinding unit, Elb CAM-Master I/1 FR






Drive power: 35 kW; Max. speed 18.000 U/min; torque: 130 Nm. forward feed: 20 m/min rapid traverse; 50 m/min machining tool holder: HSK 63A. KSS feed: Internal; external; MMKS. CNC controls: Heidenhain.

Workspace: 540 mm x 635 mm x 400 mm, forward speed: 60 m/min;
Spindle 1 (Standard): 42.000 Upm, machining tool holder HSK E40;
Spindle 2 (Air Bearings): 90.000 Upm, machining tool holder HSK E25

Max. turning length 850 mm; max. spindle drive 36 kW; max. torque 240 Nm; max. speed 4500 min-1; 12 (driven) tools on revolver

CPU: 2 x Intel Xeon Silver 4215

GPU: 2 x NVIDIA Tesla V100 32 GB HBM2

RAM: 192 GB DDR4

HDDs: 480 GB Intel SSD D3-S4510 SATA, 1,6 TB Samsung SSD PM1725b PCIe 3.0 x8

3-axes desktop machine with granite base and air suspension; three linear axes resolution of 100 nm; high frequency air mounted spindles (450k U/min and 120k U/min); air mounted grinding spindle (7.5 kHz and 2 kHz) and integrated coating unit for galvanic coatings.

Pulsed solid state laser type; Nd YVO4; working area 120 x 120 mm; focus diameter 40 µm; wavelength 1064 nm; pulse peak power 5 - 255 kW with pulse repetition frequency 1 - 100 000 Hz

CVD System zum Abscheiden von Graphen auf verschiedenen Substraten. Geeignet zur atmosphärischen Prozessführung sowie in Vakuumumgebung (50mTorr - 500 Torr). Eine Inertgaslinie (Stickstoff/Argon, bis 2 SLPM) und drei Prozessgaslinien für Methan und Wasserstoff (niedrige/hohe Flussrate) bei bis zu 3/10/200 SCCM. Drei Zonen Widerstandsheizung für Kammertemperaturen bis 1100°C mit PID-Regelung. Nutzbares Kammervolumen ca. D50x200mm.

3-axes machine on granite basis with vibration decoupling; air bearings X-Y table with axis resolution of less than 20 nm; positioning accuracy under 0.1 µm; air bearing spindles (speed: 60; 180; or 450k U/min); work area 100x100x100 mm

LT Ultra MMC-600 5-axes ultra-precision milling machine with hydrostatic seated axes, x-, y- and z-axis driven by linear motor, torque motor for rotary axes, traverse way x = 600 m, y = 220 mm, z = 250 mm, axis speed up to 2000 mm/min, maximum rotational speed of air bearing spindle 80.000 rpm, tool holder HSK E25

Ultra-Precision lathing with natural granite base for stability; active leveling and vibration insulation; hydrostatically mounted guides and aerodynamically mounted spindles ( 50-4000 U/min); work pieces up to a diameter of 230 mm; tool and work piece measuring system; camera for process monitoring; form accuracy to 100 nm for ø 100 mm; roughness up to 2 nm (Rq)

2 x Nanofocus µsurf OEM, objective lenses with 20x, 60x and 100x magnification

3D coordinate measuring machine, Tesa Micro Hite 3D DCC NS

3D measuring device, GFM MikroCAD (digital stripe projection)

Fully equipped, metallographics lab, with multiple sectioning, embedding, and polishing machines from Presi

Leitz stereo optics microscope, Metallux 3

Leitz micro-hardness testers

Measuring systems and simulation hardware and software

Particle analyzer Bettersizer S3 Plus (3P Instruments)

Power, acceleration, and direction sensors

Radio spectrometer Oxford Instruments Foundry- Master Pro

Roundness measuring system, Talyrond 365

Scanning electron microscope, FEI Quanta 600, with EDX and EBSD

Stresstech PRISM-system for residual stress measurements via hole-drilling technique

Surface measuring device, Perthen-Mahr Perthometer S3P

Thermographic camera, FLIR SC7600

HIPAC Magnetron Sputter and APA ARC evaporator systems to deposit various coating systems (hard materials or low friction carbide coatings) as well as separate AEGD evaporators for plasma ionization cleaning treatments; usable coating volume maximal ca. Ø 300 mm x 300 mm height; substrate rotary drive up to 300 kg; Pulsed BIAS voltage with max. 12 A at 1000 V or max. 25 A at 500 V; incl. cleaning line for substrate preparation and concave polishing unit for coating smoothness evaluation

Drive power 60 kW; Max. speed 9000 min-1; torque 380 Nm; feed rate 6 m/min; variable cooling lubricant supply with Petrofer Isocut machining oil with 25 bar and 400 l/min

The simulation model depicts a holistic production process from the ordering process through the production process to the delivery process in digitized and networked process steps.
Design: Storage and retrieval station, vacuum gripper, high-bay warehouse, multi-processing station with kiln, sorting line with color detection, environmental sensor and pivoting camera. Individual workpieces are tracked by NFC (Near Field Communication). Controlled via six fischertechnik TXT controllers, which communicate via MQTT.

Projection screen (BxH): 2,76 m x 1,72 m

Beamer: Barco F80-4K7 7.000 Lumen, 4K UHD, DLP-Laser-Phosphor-Projektor


Tracking: DTrack2, Software Arttrack2

Direct drives in all axes with integrated glass ruler cooling system; two grinding spindles; top performance 30 kW; max. spindle speed 12;000 min-1; internal grinding wheel dresser; cooling lubricant supply with Petrofer Isocut R 10 HM machining oil with 80 l/min at 7 bar and 120 l/min at 20 bar

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