Chair of Composite Engineering

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Kamerling

Research Associate

Sebastian Kamerling studied mechanical engineering at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK) and the University of Adelaide (Australia) and received his Bachelor’s degree in September 2014. In June 2016, he received his Master’s degree in "Plastics Technology and Fibre Reinforced Plastics" following his thesis on "Acoustic Emission Analysis of Fibre Reinforced Plastics".

Currently, Sebastian Kamerling is a Research Associate at the Chair of Composite Engineering at the TUK. His main research interest is the tribological behaviour of polymer based hybrid materials and systems. In October 2021, he received his doctorate for his work on the "Systematic Use of the Chemical Transformation of Magnesium Hydroxide in Polymer Tribology".

Research areas
  • Tribological behaviour of polymer based hybrid materials
  • Modeling and simulation of tribological systems
  • Polyamides and special filler materials


Room: 44-323

Tel.: +49 631 205 4634


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