Chair of Composite Engineering


  • We cover the teaching of all aspects of plastics technology at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern (TUK). In this framework we empower our students to solve problems with independent and engineering-based scientific methodology.
  • We explore the relationship between processing history, morphology parameters and the shape of plastic components. We focus on hybrid fillers, particulary aimed on the mechanical / chemical properties and on the tribological behavior of plastic-based tribo-composites.
  • Industrial problems from various industries are the nuclei of our research. We want to explore technical problems of fundamental importance with scientific approaches and to provide a significant contribution to future solutions.
  • Our research can be measured by its relevance to industry and society.

Plastics Technology

The plastics technology is applied in addition to scientific knowledge, experience, intuition and creative power of the engineer to create new solutions which are technically and economically interesting.

It stands as the combination of the engineering knowledge and skills in the field of material science, plastic construction and processing.

The particular challenge is to combine the scientific approach with the practical implementation.

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