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  • Information about exam Werkstoffkunde I/II f.H.a.F. (21.03.2019) only available on the German webpage!
  • Student research projects (follow this Link for more information)
  • Luisa Böhme achieves 2nd place at the 12th conference "Gefüge und Bruch" (Bochum, Germany, February 14-15, 2019) with her poster "Mechanische Eigenschaften mikrostrukturierter Ti-Miniaturproben unter zyklischer Belastung" within the collaborative research center 926.
  • AWP is hosting Adriana Eres-Castellanos, who has been awarded a DAAD grant for a research stay between February and April 2019. Adriana Eres-Castellanos is predoctoral researcher at the Department of Physical Metallurgy at the spanish National Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC) in Madrid, who has worked in the European Project Towards Industrial Applicability of medium C Nanostructured Bainitic Steels (TIANOBAIN), Ref: RFCS-CT-2015-709607, with the aim of studying the viability of the thermo-mechanical treatment called ausforming to obtain such structures. She has joined the AWP Team to study the effect of the deformation on the anisotropy in terms of crystallography.
  • Publications in September 2018:

    L. Böhme, L. Morales-Rivas, S. Diederichs, E. Kerscher:
    Crystal c-axis mapping of hcp metals by conventional reflected Polarized Light Microscopy: Application to untextured and textured cp-Titanium. 
    In: Materials Characterization 145 (2018) 573-581.

    L. Morales-Rivas, S. Diederichs, L. Böhme, E. Gordo, A. Hebestreit, E. Kerscher:
    Method for the detection of grain boundaries in alpha Ti-based alloysby means of polarized light microscopy and image processing in MATLAB. 
    In:  Practical Metallography, 55 (2018) 10, 678-692.

  • Publications in May 2018:

    Eberhard Kerscher, Tilmann Beck, Volker Schulze, Detlef Löhe:
    Otmar Vöhringer on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
    In: International Journal of Materials Research 109 (2018) 5, 477-478.

  • Publications in March 2018:

    Martin Bohley, Ingo G. Reichenbach, Sonja Kieren-EhsesLukas Heberger , Peter A. Arrabiyeh, Rolf Merz, Luisa Böhme, Julian Hering, Benjamin Kirsch, Michael Kopnarski, Eberhard Kerscher, Georg von Freymann, Jan C. Aurich:
    Coating of Ultra-Small Micro End Mills: Analysis of Performance and Suitability of Eight Different Hard-Coatings
    In: Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing (2018) 2, 22. 


  • Lucía Morales Rivas, post-doctoral researcher at AWP, has been bestowed with the Outstanding Thesis Award in the field of Materials Science and Engineering by the academic community at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), a recognition for the high quality of original works of research based on their scientific and technological contributions to the stock of knowledge in their area. More information can be found under the following link.
  • Publications in January 2018:

    D. Grell, F. Dabrock, E. Kerscher:
    Cyclic cryogenic pre-treatments influencing the mechanical properties of a bulk glassy Zr-based alloy
    In: Fatigue & Fracture of Engineering Materials & Structures (2018)

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