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Structural Analysis and Modeling


Lecture announcement



The procedure of the analyses and modelling of systems will be discusses on practical proplems. The content of the lecture is further:

Differences in simulation methods, approaches of rheological material modelling, linear and non-linear behavior of systems, contact description, friction phenomena, wear mechanisms and optimization processes.

During exercises, the content of the lecture will be applied and illustrated with simple simulations in Matlab.

Tabulated table of contents


  • Basics of structural analysis and modeling
  • Overview and comparison of simulation methods
  • Introduction to rheological material models
  • Analysis of nonlinearities
  • Basics of friction and wear pheonomena
  • Selected optimization techniques

To each topic, Matlab simulations will be developed during exercises


Educational objectives

With the successful conclusion of this lecture, the students are able

  • to call the different steps of modelling in the correct order and to give examples
  • to distinguish and compare between different simulation methods, to name advantages and disadvantages of the method and to itemize typical applications
  • to distinguish basic concepts of rheological material models, to deduce the behavior of combined models and to call examples for practical applications
  • to explain differences of linear and non-linear dynamical systems on the example of a linear and a Duffing-oscillator, and to describe the numerical method to describe both systems
  • to explain the impact of system parameters on the oscillations of a linear systems
  • to describe mechanisms of friction and transfer the knowledge to practical applications
  • to explain differences of adhesion models and select an appropriate model for a practical application
  • to describe mechanisms of wear and explain the wear process related to wear measurements



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