Lehrstuhl für Verbundwerkstoffe (CCe)

Experimental and numerical analysis of tribological systems

In the research field of tribology Composite Engineering works on variety of subjects including testing, modeling and simulation of tribological properties. For material testing the lab is equipped with four tribometers for Pin-on Disc, Block-on-Ring as well as Bended-Pate-on-Ring tests. The research work mainly focuses on the performance of tribologically optimized PEEK-compounds in different tribosystems but also the properties of other reinforced polymers such as PA, PP or POM are investigated. To support these studies with material property and morphology data thermal analysis, mechanical testing and microscopy (SEM, optical, confocal) are performed partially in cooperation with department of mechanical engineering and process technology, the Institute for Surface and Thin Film Analysis and the Nano Strucutring Center.  To investigate one main influencing parameter on properties of tribological systems, the temperature, modeling and simulation of the heat balance in tribotesting is another focus of the research at Composite Engineering. To calculate the temperature distribution in the run-in as well as in the static phase finite element analysis is applied. This leads to a deeper understanding of the behavior of the whole tribosystem and effects like transfer film development or wear rate changes. The wear rate in the run-in-phase is also a part of the research work in cCe; one part is modeling the development of the wear curve with mathematical methods, the other part is simulating the material loss with finite elements. Overall the research on tribology of composite materials offers a lot of workfields open for student procjects, funded research, industry cooperation and PhD thesises.

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