Board development for IoT nodes

In order to increase the robustness of the IoT nodes, circuit boards for the IoT nodes were developed in cooperation with the electronics workshop of the TU Kaiserslautern. The boards replace the breadboard that was used in the first prototype. The IoT node consists of a motherboard for the microprocessor and module boards with which the node can be adapted to use different sensors. We would like to thank the electronics workshop in particular for the great support!

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IoT Platform Thingsboard

In addition to the collection and visualisation of measurement data from drinking water facilities, individual components such as pumps or valves must be controlled. This is not possible with Grafana. For this reason, an installation of the IoT platform Thingsboard was put into operation. Thingsboard is also freely available. The measurement data transmitted via LoRaWAN is sent to the Thingsboard server using the MQTT Protocol and can be displayed in a dashboard.